The Delicious dishes of Mexico Must Try

Món ngon Mexico

The delicious dishes of Mexico are considered as specialties with extremely bold and impressive taste. Coming to this country, tourists will not only enjoy many beautiful sights but also be attracted by unique and diverse cuisine. If you are planning to travel to Mexico but are wondering what to enjoy then here are Tacos Da Nang that will introduce 10 famous dishes in this country.

1. Tacos – Delicious dishes Mexican food is the most popular

When it comes to   The Delicious dishes Mexican food, Tacos cannot be missed. This is a burger with a crust made from corn flour diluted, the bread is filled with meats such as chicken, beef, pork, fish, … All are seasoned marinated to taste and cooked. When enjoying the cake will often be served with salsa sauce, onions, coriander, …
Tacos are divided into two types: crust and soft shell. In particular, in the opinion of Mexicans, you should not use a knife or fork to enjoy this dish, which shows the lack of politeness for the nation’s traditional cakes. If you have the opportunity to Mexico to enjoy Tacos, use your bare hands.

Món ngon Mexico

2. Mollete – delicious Mexican food popular

Mollete is the name of a delicious Mexican food extremely popular in this country. This is also a great suggestion if you do not know what to enjoy in this beautiful country.
In essence, this is a sandwich including fillings such as jalapenõ, fried beans, onions, coriander, salsa and indispensable cheese layer. When enjoying the melted cheese blended with the rest of the ingredients, you will only enjoy the spread of appreciation.

Món ngon Mexico

3. Enchiladas – the pride of Mexican cuisine

One of the pride of Mexican cuisine is Enchiladas. Enchiladas are made from corn tortillas, filled with cheese and rolled up and baked until cooked. Usually served with a spicy sauce made from pobblano peppers.
Depending on the taste of each person, the baker can add fillings such as beef, chicken, pork, … Enchiladas are fragrant with the cheese flavor that is both fat and spicy of the sauce. Cake when eaten must have a pungent spicy taste in the tip of the tongue, spread in the oral cavity and then slowly soften properly. This is also the spicy taste of Mexican breathing.

Món ngon Mexico

4. Travel to Mexico do not miss Mole Poblano

The next specialty on the list of delicious Mexican dishes is Mole Poblano. This is also considered a national dish in this country. Many people often tell each other that if you come to Mexico, you must definitely enjoy Mole Poblano. This sauce is made from about 20 ingredients, of which chili and chocolate are used in the highest amounts.
To successfully prepare this dish, the chef must use many types of chili powder and constantly stir during the cooking process. In Mexico, on important occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and Christmas, the red Mole Poblano sauce is an indispensable dish on the table.

Món ngon Mexico

5. Pambazos – delicious Mexican specialties

On the trip to Mexico, if you are wondering what to choose, Pambazos is a great suggestion. This is a famous street food specialty in this country. Pambazos are made from white bread and filled with chorizo ​​sausages, potatoes in it. When cooking, the baker will dip in a sauce to make the cake turn golden red and bring it crispy.
When indispensable indispensable part of pepper sauce in the cake and the salads, soosy salsa, cheese or sour cream served. This dish has a hot spicy taste, so it is very suitable for spicy lovers. The taste of the delicious bread and the attractive appearance certainly will not disappoint visitors.

Món ngon Mexico

6. Quesadillas – Mexico’s best cake

Quesadilla is considered one of the best Mexican cakes. Because of this, many tourists coming to Mexico must search for an address to enjoy this dish.
The cake consists of corn tortillas with fillings such as cheese, sausage, fried pork skin, casseroles, garlic, beans, … and then baked or fried. Depending on some localities, the outside is made of corn, and other ingredients are added to create attractive colors. In Mexico, many people love to eat breakfast with Quesadilla because it is not only delicious but also nutritious for the whole day.

Món ngon Mexico
Quesadillas- Delicious dishes of Mexico

7.Pozole-Delicious food in Mexico could not help but try

If you are in need of a delicious food suggestion in Mexico, you can’t help but try Pozole. This is a stew soup has been in Mexico for thousands of years. This traditional dish is made of chicken, pork and vegetables such as dried corn kernels, turnips, salsa, cabbage, onions, chili, avocado, garlic, etc.
Pozole is stewed with all kinds of ingredients for hours. Seasoning seasoning is rich and delicious. On important occasions like Mexican Independence Day, birthdays, and Christmas, most families in this country cook Pozole to enjoy.

Món ngon Mexico
Pozole– Delicious dishes of Mexico

8. Chinicuiles – delicious food in Mexico challenges the courage to enjoy

When it comes to good food in Mexico, it’s a mistake to forget to mention Chinicuiles. This dish is delicious, has high nutritional value but not everyone dares to try. The main ingredient of the dish is Maguey red worm, which specializes in aloe leaves and roots. Therefore, meat contains a lot of protein which is good for human resistance.
In some parts of Mexico, the pest is processed into a variety of dishes, but many people eat it raw to keep the nutrients intact. It’s a new dish that may look awkward at first, but if you dare to eat it will surely fascinate you.

Món ngon Mexico
Chinicuiles- Delicious dishes of Mexico

9. Mexico Lasagna – traditional food of Mexico

Another The delicious dishes that visitors can consider when visiting this country is Mexico Lasagna. The dish is a perfect combination between two forms of cooking is fried and grilled. Spices marinated in Mexico Lasagna are meticulously tasted to bring a very unique flavor.
First, the cook will stir-fry the beef and bring it in layers with noodles and cheese, then bring the meat to cook and melt the cheese. This dish is beautifully decorated with red and gold as the island’s owner. Certainly when enjoying Mexican Lasagna, visitors will be knocked down from the first bite.

Món ngon Mexico
Mexico Lasagna -Delicious dishes of Mexico

10. Coktail Micheladas and sueros – the best Mexican drinks

Among the drinks, the Micheladas and Sueros cocktails are rated as the best in Mexico. Can you believe it when pureed chili, dark beer with lemon juice and salt are the main ingredients of this drink?
When listening to the composition of this cocktail, you will probably be wary and dare not try it, but in Mexican meals, this is an indispensable drink. The water has a sour, spicy, salty taste, and a hint of beer. All seemed as “contrary” but when combined to form a famous specialty in Mexico.
Hopefully through this article, visitors will understand and love the cuisine and delicious food of Mexico. If you have the opportunity to set foot in this beautiful country, do not hesitate to enjoy all the famous specialties here.

Món ngon Mexico
Coktail –  Delicious dishes of Mexico

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