Discover Mexican Culinary Culture.

Món ăn Tacos

Mexican cuisine is always a tourist attraction. If you have not had the opportunity to set foot here, then follow this article to explore this special cuisine!

With simple processing methods, using natural ingredients, Chilaquiles at Merced market of Oaxaca city has contributed to create a unique beauty for Mexican culinary culture.
The name Chilaquiles exists in Mexican culinary culture as a traditional breakfast food. Made from tortilla rice paper mixed with eggs or chicken, tomatoes and many other vegetables, this dish has been rated by tourist travel website as having a high level of nutrition.
However, processing Chilaquiles is not difficult. Chilaquiles is not even fussy about materials, anything you have can be combined with tortilla. Like some Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls, pancakes, … need a delicious sauce, Chilaquiles is also delicious thanks to salsa (sauce).

am thuc mexico
Ẩm thực Mexico

Salsa comes in many colors, based on the color of its ingredients, such as the red color of tomatoes or the green of vegetables, even black beans can be used as sauces. Mexico’s culinary colors are mostly hot and very fresh because the dishes are made from rich animal and plant materials such as corn, beans, chicken, pork, beef, potatoes, tomatoes, pepper, chili, onion, avocado, guava, peanut …
Besides the vibrant colors, Mexican cuisine is also particularly prominent in the diversity of spicy flavors. It seems that these two characteristics are a combination of hot Latin and a vibrant European style.

am thuc mexico
am thuc mexico

In addition to Chilaquiles, Mexican cuisine still has many other delicious dishes to invite visitors to try, such as tacos, enchiladas, Mole sauce, atole, tamales, pozole, burritos … And of course any dish will be spicy – passionate, especially unforgettable, like the hospitality of the people of this country.





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