Burritos Cake

banh mexico
Fill your stomach with our delicious burritos.
Burritos is a type of cake that is considered a traditional Mexican food. The cake has two main components: the crust and the filling. The combination of ingredients in this dish brings the enjoyment and fascination. Your breakfast will be delicious, more novel if you choose for yourself some Burritos with different types of fillings.

Burrito is interesting in that there are many different types of bread, you can enjoy many types at the same time without worrying about being fed up or not eating certain foods. Usually, Burrito is filled with main foods such as chicken, grilled beef, beans, rice, corn, and many other vegetables.

The filling will be wrapped in a layer of flour, usually made from corn flour. Some restaurants will create more creative fillings than their traditional way, which can include cheese, salads and seafood.

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